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Since the begining of Girls Golf of Omaha, the Board of Directors have set a priority to help local girls go on to play the game of golf at the collegiate level.  It is our hope and passion that one day, one of our alumni will play in the LPGA.  If you are a high school girl looking for a golf scholorship, we have assembled some information to help you.

Girls Golf Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to shoot to get a college scholarship?

This is probably the most asked question when it comes to girls golf scholarships.  According to Junior Golf Specialist Frank Mantua,


"With all this opportunity, what does your daughter need to shoot to play at the college level? The standard as of 2010 is this: If a high school girl can shot around 95 in tournament conditions, college is a possibility. If she's in the 80s, there will probably be some scholarship money available.

Keep this in mind - if a female golfer has a scoring average under 80 in college, she is considered an excellent player. Remember, that is for Division I golf. There is also Division II, III and the NAIA. So you can see, scoring for females in college is very different than males


You can find more great information from Frank Mantua in his article, College Golf Scholarships for Girls.

How many girls golf scholarships are available?

Girls golf provides tremendous opportunity for young girls that want pursue their passion for this game at the collegiate level.  In 2010, there were 307 Division I and II colleges offering girls golf scholarships.  The NCAA estimated that of the 1800 scholorships available, roughly 200 went unused for lack of enough players to give them too.

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