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Skill Levels

Girls Golf of Omaha uses the five level skill program of the National LPGA-USGA Girls Golf Program.  The girls are grouped together based on their skill level so they can recieve instruction appropriate for where they are in the game.  If your daughter is new to golf or has little experience, she will most likely be in the first level.  Look at the descriptions below to deterimine where she will fit.

Level 1


These are girls that have little to no experience on the golf course.  This level focuses on basic fundamentals, rules, etiquette, putting, chipping, and short game.  This level prepares the girls to play on a regulation 9 hole course.

Level 2


Once the girls are "course ready," they move on to level two.  They play 9 holes, teeing off from special flags at approximately 125 yards out from the green.  They learn scoring and play from the green back as apposed to tee to green

Level 3


As the girls improve on their level of play and improve their score, they move on to level three.  Their tee flags are approximately 125 yards in front of the forward tees.

Level 4


The next step is for the girls to begin golfing from the forward tees.  The girls will stay in this level until they can average 55-64 strokes per 9 holes on a regulation course.

Level 5


The final level is for advanced players.  Here, the girls continue to improve their scores by golfing regulation 18 hole courses.  At this level, the girls are preparing for high school and collegiate competition.

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